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Saturday, November 18th, 2023
Atlanta, Georgia

Our Story

Thor and Jordan first matched on Tinder in December 2014. Thor had just turned 22 a week prior, and Jordan was days away from her 24th birthday. Jordan had set the lower end of the age range to be just a year younger than her, so it was very unlikely that Thor would have shown up in her feed. They exchanged phone numbers after a few messages, shared music recommendations, and bonded over both living in Savannah during college. They planned to make plans after the holidays, but like many Tinder matches, they didn't end up meeting.

Fast forward to October 2020, the two match again! They both remembered each other and regretted not going out when they originally matched six years ago. Thor saw that Jordan's bio now said PhD Student at Georgia Tech and he asked the innocent question "What are you going to grad school for?" Anyone who knew Jordan back then knew that she was miserable being a full-time student and any questions about her studies would cause her to shut down... so she didn't respond and Thor took it as a sign she was uninterested. (Still don't ask Jordan how her PhD is going.)

In February 2021, Jordan saw Thor on Bumble and knew she shouldn't fumble a third time. She swiped right once more hoping for a match. Thor was hanging out at Austin and Amberlyn's house when he got a notification from Bumble that someone had liked him. He opened the app and saw Jordan's picture, hoping she was his admirer. Another right swipe and they were a match! Jordan didn't want to lose her chance again and in her first message to Thor she asked if they could go on a date. The two had busy work weeks so they made plans for the next Saturday to go to Orpheus Brewery (or Piedmont Park if Orpheus was too crowded.)

They ended up going to Piedmont Park for their date and Thor filled a cooler with all of Jordan's favorite beers. They caught up on all that had happened since they first matched six years ago, ordered Zunzi's (a Savannah favorite) on Uber Eats, bonded over a love for American Apparel Fisherman Sweaters. Thor introduced Jordan to I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson so she would know all the references Thor makes. They spent every weekend together after that date.

Thor and Jordan quickly knew they were meant to be together and made plans for Thor to move into Jordan's house near their first anniversary. In that first year, they met each other's family, traveled, and spent holidays together. Jordan decided that she would rather be a part-time PhD student and started teaching full-time at HIES. Thor was also unhappy at his job, and the two joked about what if he also got a job there. Sure enough there was an opening in IT, and he was perfect for the role. They've been carpooling to work and getting lunch together from the school cafeteria ever since.

On December 17, 2022 (Jordan's birthday), Thor surprised Jordan with one more present to open, even though she had already received gifts. She reached inside the bag and there was a box containing a wooden doll that she had seen on their trip to Switzerland. "It's me!" she said just like she had when she saw the doll in the store. The next box had another doll, "It's you!" Strategically placed on the bottom was a third box, with a wooden cat. "It's Mina!" When Jordan took it out of the box she saw a piece of yarn tied around the neck. "Awww she has a collar!", she said before she noticed that a ring was tied to the collar. Thor asked Jordan to marry him, and she said yes.